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  • 5000 Avenue K (corner of Utica Ave.), Brooklyn, NY 11234

About Us

Brook Plaza Ambulatory Surgical Center is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care, treatment and services in a friendly and compassionate manner. To become the leader for providing the highest Standard of Quality in ambulatory surgery and explore new areas for improvement. To empower our employees to be the best in their fields so that they can give the best care, treatment and services.

Our Facility

Your surgeon’s decision to use a private, free-standing ambulatory surgical center was made on the basis of your physical condition and the type of surgery you require. Ambulatory surgery provides you with optimal care without the inconvenience, fear, or exposure to contagious patients that is often associated with a hospital admission. The psychological as well as the medical advantages will be valuable to you and your family.

You will have your surgical procedure in a safe, convenient, modern facility, and be home in time to sleep in your own bed. Brook Plaza Ambulatory Surgical Center staff, hired because of their courtesy as well as their competence, will answer your questions, explain procedures, and make your escort comfortable in the waiting area. Individual attention in a quiet, unpressured atmosphere will help you feel secure and comfortable.

Brook Plaza was founded to provide your surgeon with an efficient, attractive, private surgical facility, and the experienced staff needed to achieve excellence. At Brook Plaza, your well-being is assured by a state-of- the-art surgical facility, and a knowledgeable professional staff, who work there because they believe that you deserve the best of care whether your surgery is minor or complex.

At Brook Plaza our entire staff and facility is devoted to one thing only – your care.